WTG Symposium 2017

15. Dreiländertagung (D-A-CH) der Windtechnologischen Gesellschaft (WTG)

Technical University of Denmark, October 19/20, 2017

Copenhagen - Nyhavn
Harbour area of Copenhagen inner city (Nyhavn).

For the 15th time the Wind Technological Society (Windtechnologische Gesellschaft - WTG) is going to held its biannual international symposium in the field of Wind Engineering - this time at the Technical University of Denmark DTU. The WTG was established in 1987 in frame of the 7th International Conference on Wind Engineering. The society is located in Aachen, Germany, and is dedicated to support and promote knowledge and developments in the area of Wind Engineering throughout the German language countries Germany (D), Austria (A) and Switzerland (CH). Over the past years participation and contribution from neighbouring countries such as the Netherlands, Italy and Denmark have expanded the sphere of activity. Some of the main focus areas of the WTG are:

  • Promotion of the technical exchange between academics, authorities, design engineering in industry and the interested public
  • Support the collaboration with societies and organisation on an international level
  • Organisation of symposia and workshops
  • Establishment of working groups on particular subjects in the field of Wind Engineering

The venue of the 15th symposium is the Campus of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in Lyngby north of Copenhagen and is jointly organised by the Danish Society of Wind Engineering Society (Dansk Selskab for Vindteknik - DSVI) and the WTG. The topics of the symposium typically cover different aspects of wind loading and loading effects such as:

  • wind action on buildings and structures
  • power lines
  • photovoltaic and wind power facilities
  • wind induced vibrations
  • internal pressure
  • natural ventilation
  • urban wind comfort
  • wind tunnel testing
  • computational wind engineering
  • application of codes and standards.

Due to the purpose of the WTG the symposium language will be German but English language contributions have been and will be very much welcome!